Data Integrity

As a leading career data company, we take data integrity seriously. Here’s how we protect data and ensure a quality experience.

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Your data is private.

We allow access only to verified email addresses. See our privacy policy for more detail on our SSL.

Secured network. We allow access only to verified email addresses. See our privacy policy for more detail on our SSL certificates, cookies and other technical data protection policies.

User de-identification. Your name will never be associated with your data anywhere on our site.

Privacy controls. At any time, you can choose to mark data as private, so it will never be displayed on a company profile unless displayed in aggregate, with three or more other data points.

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Data you can trust.

To accomplish our vision of ultimate career transparency, we rely on user-reported data, and we validate every single data point.

Validation algorithm. Before a data point enters the site, it must past inspection against over 500,000 verified data points. Our algorithm also senses suspicious user behavior to flag and remove fake profiles.

Peer review. Real people (yes, us!) review every single data point to ensure a quality experience for you.

Invalid data review. Those inputting suspicious data will be notified and asked to prove or correct their entries. If neither occur, site access is removed.

You own your data, and we will never compromise that.
Please contact us at with questions.

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