Our Story

The first version of TransparentCareer was built as a class project for a Ruby on Rails programming class in 2016. Mitch, a student at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, wanted better data on what different companies paid MBAs, how happy they were, and ultimately how different choices would impact his career long-term. So he set out to build a better compensation and culture platform, and TransparentCareer was born.

When we released it to some friends and classmates, it took off immediately and within months became the largest source of MBA compensation and culture data in existence. After joining up with Kevin and winning first place in Booth’s accelerator (the New Venture Challenge), they set out to help people fight for fair pay and make more informed career decisions.

Just a year later, nearly half of all MBA students in the US use TransparentCareer for exactly this purpose and more. The next step on the journey? Building a more democratized, data-driven job matching platform so students can interact directly with their dream companies – no matter what school they attend.

For employers, we take the same data-driven approach to help them find, hire, and retain the best business talent in the country. We truly believe that greater transparency on both sides creates better career choices, better hires, and ultimately, greater job satisfaction.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Our Team & Investors

Mitch Kirby team picture
Mitch Kirby
Co-Founder & CEO

Mitch started TransparentCareer after learning to code in a class at Chicago Booth - the first version of the site was actually his class project. At TransparentCareer, Mitch heads up the product side of the house, but now has Neel and Jon to oversee the actual engineering, which is good for everyone involved.

Prior to TransparentCareer, Mitch worked in venture capital at GE Ventures and was a management consultant with Booz & Company in their New York office. He received his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with high honors and his BA in Molecular Biology from Princeton University. He currently resides in Chicago with his fiance and earlier in life built high-power rockets and flew aerobatic airplanes.

Kevin Marvinac team picture
Kevin Marvinac
Co-Founder & COO

Kevin joined Mitch to work on TransparentCareer after they met at Chicago Booth. Despite juggling class, an internship, and planning a wedding, the opportunity to help spread the word about what Mitch had built was too good to pass up. He leads sales, marketing, customer success, and Spotify DJ'ing.

After years working in sales and analytics for a winery (#perks), he worked at growth stage companies of various sizes - a bootstrapped laundry delivery startup, a Series A learning marketplace, and Airbnb. He's (technically) still pursuing an MBA at Booth and spends very limited free time running with his crazy dog and spending time with his wife.

Neel Bhat team picture
Neel Bhat
Lead Developer

Neel joined Mitch and Kevin as their first technical hire. He handles all things related to their backend code and infrastructure since, thankfully, Jon is a front-end Ninja. He is also the resident remote-work champion, having spent the last year living and working from Lexington, KY.

Prior to TransparentCareer, Neel led the technical development at multiple early stage startups including a stint with a startup of his own. He's a big proponent of separating his work and life and spends his time outside of work with his fiance hiking, rock climbing (mostly indoors and not very well), cooking and eating. He's currently experimenting with the chemical process of mixing flour, water, salt and yeast.

Jon Rubins team picture
Jon Rubins

Jon joined Mitch, Kevin and Neel as the second developer on the engineering team. He takes care of all the front-end needs. His React.js knowledge is on point and he's gone head-to-head with IE11 and came out on top. Commonly referred to as the "resident clown", he's constantly seeking approval and acceptance.

Before joining the team, Jon fine-tuned his JavaScript skills at a couple of Chicago based companies. He's constantly picking up new hobbies, dreaming about steak and spends a lot of time playing basketball in preparation for his future career as an NBA player (5'10" is the new 6'8").

Aaron Monieson team picture
Aaron Monieson
Business Development Associate

Two weeks after TransparentCareer won Booth's New Venture Challenge, Aaron heard them pitch while working as a summer intern with Hyde Park Venture Partners. The next day, he reached out to see how he could help. He started as a research intern in the fall of 2016 and continued to take on more and more sales and marketing activities and eventually came on full-time.

Aaron graduated from Lehigh University in May 2017 with a major in International Relations and Economics. He served as the Vice President and Philanthropy Chair of his fraternity and the Community Service Chairman of the Lehigh IFC where he coordinated service events and raised money for the local community. Prior to TransparentCareer, Aaron worked for Hyde Park Venture Partners, Crowdplsr and Environmental Financial Products. Outside of work he loves the outdoors, playing basketball, swimming and reading.

Hauk Nelson team picture
Hauk Nelson
Marketing Associate

Hauk is a current undergrad student at DePaul University who works on content creation, lead generation, and email automation. He is also a former professional gamer, having both coached a League of Legends team in Los Angeles, as well starting his own professional gaming team/company. He now looks to start a new company in the future, after learning everything he can from TransparentCareer. Hauk is studying abroad in Hong Kong this coming fall.

In his downtime, Hauk enjoys performing (both theatrically and as a musician), learning how to code (it isn’t going well), and staying active. He also enjoys making sure Jon doesn’t feel accepted, and giving him constant disapproval.

A TransparentCareer investor
A TransparentCareer investor
A TransparentCareer investor
A TransparentCareer investor
A TransparentCareer investor
A TransparentCareer investor